Betty L. Moe
Trainer and Educator
Betty L. Moe, At a Glance

A registered nurse with ample training, Betty Moe saw how there was a lack of properly trained nurses in the field. She witnessed people inadvertently harming others because of improper training, and decided to educate professionals in the health care field to better prepare them for their careers.

Ms. Moe worked at Job Train as the director of staff development before deciding to start her own school. While at Job Train, she taught about proper dress code, conducted skills labs, and informed students about job boards and resources that help in finding employment in the field. Health care institutions began to realize that when it employed one of her students, it was getting a worker with good training. For her exceptional work, Ms. Moe was honored with two teaching awards. She was also named nurse of the year three times.

Ms. Moe earned a associate degree in arts at Evergreen Valley College, and holds teaching certificates through San Jose University and the University of California, Berkeley.

Betty L. Moe
Trainer and Educator
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